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Codes that provided here is 100% safe because our advertiser provide it to us legaly, we can guarantee that.

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How it works

Using our Steam Wallet giveaway system doesn't require any kind of technical knowledge.
Simply follow the simple instructions and start claim your own free Steam codes.

Enter E-Mail

Enter any valid e-mail address, it will be used to send your Steam Wallet codes. Please note that your e-mail address does not have to be connected to your Steam account.

Select Code

Once you are connected to the server, go ahead and select the value of the code you would like to claim. Confirm your selection by clicking on "Claim a Code" and let our system do the rest.

Claiming Code

You can observe in real-time how your code is being claimed and its validity is confirmed. This process usually takes less than a minute. The details of your code status are displayed automatically upon completion.

This Steam Wallet website can be used by anybody and the claimed codes can be redeemed worldwide.

The server connects to an open server based on your selected region. The further away you are from your selected region, the longer it will take to process your request.

When you successfuly claim a code, our system will automatically send your Steam Wallet code to your E-Mail Address. We promise we will never share your E-Mail Address to any 3rd party or anyone. We also promise we will never spam your E-Mail Address, it will be used only when you claim a code in our website.

The limit of free Steam codes you can claim increases over time. New users can claim up-to two free Steam code per day. After being a user for at least 60 days, the limit increases to four codes. After 120 days, you can claim up-to six free Steam Wallet codes per day.


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